Other Special Ministry Connections

Awakening  is a passionate movement of worship that is arising among youth and young adults in the Mansfield Area.  They are reaching from church houses, to homes, to coffee houses, to the local OSU college campus and more.  God is doing amazing things!  Check them out here,  Awakening Generation!

Light Our Continent is an off shoot of Light Our City here in Mansfield Ohio, yet is an independent ministry.  It began when Santie Schoeman, with a ministry called Lora Dreamcamps, visited the US and by divine providence attended a L.O.C. planning meeting.  She took the idea of this outreach method back to South Africa and Light Our City Centurion was born.  One year later the African continent and will be impacted!  Four (4) countries this year, will be a part of Light Our Continent.  God is amazing!  Click on this link to find Light Our Continent news and updates.