Event Description

Light Our City” is a non-denominational citywide outreach event, held in the summer, in Greater Mansfield Ohio area (and beyond).  All local Bible believing Christian churches/ministries, which hold to traditional Christian values, are invited to participate.  Pastor Jerry Laudermilk, Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Tabernacle, is the lead facilitator of this event yet this outreach is NOT about a pastor, any one church, or a denomination. Instead, Light Our City is about 1) ‘uniting the Body of Christ’, 2) ‘building the Kingdom of God’, and 3) ‘impacting our cities’.  See our “Goals Page” for more information.

Picture the unified Body of Christ; Christians from different races, multiple generations and diverse denominations, leaving the comfort of our sanctuaries, coming together and heading into the streets in small groups, to ‘serve and shine’. By serving our community together, as examples of Christ, we are showing the Love of God, bring glory to our King and bring some healing to our community! That’s what a “Light our City” event looks like!

With the connection and cooperation on local churches and ministries, we can make a difference in our community. Many of the churches and ministries involved previously, have committed to continued cooperative efforts to light out city because of the new found connection with brothers and sisters from other congregations.

To see what is happening now, or what is coming soon, please click on the link provided to our Light Our City Facebook Page.  If you are interested in how you can be involved or connect your church or ministry please see the info on our “Join the Movement” page.